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Sharakah Workshop

About the Workshop:

December 19, 2019

This workshop brought together members of Sharakah staff and management to learn and get a deeper understanding on 3 essential topics (time management, client understanding/emotional intelligence and communication skills).

The full day workshop fostered short talks, engaging facilitated discussions, handpicked targeted videos and mini activates, themed team building activities and concluded with suggested way forward for a better and more productive organization. All of this will be implemented in an engaging and interactive process and lots of smiles.


Specific Workshop Objectives:

  • Learning effective time management skills

    • Increasing productivity in meetings

    • How does your organisational time effect client performance?

    • Prioritizing workload and the art of multitasking

    • Finding the right work/life balance for yourself

  • Customer service/ emotional intelligence

    • Building healthy relationships with the clients

  • Communication skills

    •  Improving communication skills between staff - Staff

    •  Improving communication skills between staff - Management

    •  Improving communication skills between staff - Clients

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